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Simone Krähenbühl

Simone Krähenbühl is Swiss and lives in Kriens. With her husband Urs Krähenbühl she has a daughter and a son and... not to forget: a tortoise called Bätzgi.



"To give a dull clump of clay some shape, colour and expression fascinates me a lot. 

It's a game with material, challenges, imagination, planing, spontaneity, sensibility, expression, patience and surprises.


My constant need for variety and new challenges gave life to many different creations.

Thanks to my fascination with faces, Reliefs, Chnebugrinde, Chabischöpf and so forth came into existence. But also grand Stelen, tinyiest figurins, proud vases, playful clocks, special mobiles and many more. 


I'm looking forward to continue my journey through the land of fantasy, to realize many more ideas and to astonish and draw a smile on the observer's face."

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